List all serialized properties in a custom inspector

I often find my self wanting to add a button or some other simple control to an inspector for a component that already exposes a lot of public properties. I'll show you how you can append controls to an inspector without having to write lots of code.

Javascript game development with Node.js, Grunt and Texture Packer

I have used MAMP for javascript game development for a few years, and it has worked fine except for a few issues I find cumbersome, like updating MAMP. I wanted to see if I would benefit from switching to Node.js and use Grunt to automate some of the more tedious tasks I usually do manually. It turned out I was right.

Extend GameObjects with custom methods

Being able to add custom methods to GameObjects can really make your code more readable.

Setting up a Unity project with Git

This is the simplest way I have found to setup Git with Unity.

Change Unity's default MonoBehaviour template

If you're like me and like your tab indents to use spaces rather than tabs, and you always remove the standard comments above Start and Update, then this little tips might be useful.

Fast switching between your game and Weltmeister (ImpactJS)

For JIPPI I created a couple of tools to ease the development, one of them being a handy drop down menu which allowed me to open Weltmeister with the config file set to a particular sub folder of the levels and entities folders. This is something I intend to make into a ImpactJS plugin, but the state of the code is not quite ready. So it'll have to wait.

Dynamic loading of assets, entities and levels in ImpactJS

As a part of the JIPPI project, we added a create/destroy function to ImpactJS. With the create function, you could pass a string to let the game know which jigsaw puzzle to load. We didn't want the game to preload everything since the game consisted of 9 games and not all would be played during one session.

Starting/restarting an ImpactJS game without reloading the page

For the JIPPI game, we had to modify ImpactJS so that we could restart the game without reloading the page.

Better handling of behaviours in ImpactJS

For the JIPPI project we made a game with a fairly standard setup with a menu that links to a couple of levels. We started off by adding functionality to the main class and then switching between update loops based on which level you're at. This will quickly become difficult to maintain.

Automating entity generation with PHP and ImpactJS

While working on the JIPPI game we needed tools for easing the development. One of the tools was a PHP script for automating generation of entities.

Javascript framework for social games

During my time at Social Games Ventures, I made a JavaScript framework that simplifies and standardizes the communication between a game, a social network and a statistics service. It also adds features such as landing pages and dynamic permission requests.

Remove all childs with AS3

A code snippet I tend to use quite often. And one that I tend to forget how I wrote the last time i used it.

Watch for changing properties in Flex

In AS3 there is a handy utility class called ChangeWatcher, which lives inside the mx.binding.utils package. It provides you with a handy way of watching other object’s properties.

Run the garbage collector in Adobe AIR


Return booleans from functions

When returning a Boolean you can do the validation inside the return statement.

Copy text to clipboard with AS3