I'm always interested in new opportunities, whether it be work for hire, collaborations, lecturing or just to meet up and have a chat. Feel free to contact me.

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My background

I started programming BASIC on a, at that time, super cool MSX computer. It was comparable to a Commodore 64 in terms of specifications, but it looked way cooler. It didn't take more than a year or so of playing games before I wanted to make my own games. That effort didn't result in much. About 21 years later, I actually finished a game I started working on in 1989.

SVI 738

In about 1992 my father introduced me to the Internet. One click and I immediately understood what this was about. I felt like Neo discovering the Matrix. We didn't get internet access at home before 1995, but I had already then made several websites and was comfortable with HTML. I kept on making websites and got head hunted for jobs almost every week. It was after all the dot-com era, so getting a job in the IT industry was easy. I turned down all offers because I was still in school, but I did some freelancing.

The years from 1992 to 2011, I spent working mostly with web technology. I have also done a lot of graphic design, 2D/3D animations, 3D modelling and rendering and illustrations. In 2011 I slightly changed my course and I now focus on computer games.

Having such a varied background really helps me when making games. I can more effectively communicate with the people I work with. I also have a lot of experience in my co-workers's field and can therefore also help them do a better job.

I feel very lucky that I knew already at the age of 13 what I wanted to do for a living. During the past 14 years I've had a lot of fun, met many interesting and talented people and learnt so much. I feel I'm on the right track, and I'm really looking forward to what the future will bring.