Hydro rundt

This game was made for Hydro when they celebrated their 100th anniversary. It was made while I was working at Onkel Estrup.

This game was made for Hydro when they celebrated their 100th anniversary. It was made while I was working at Onkel Estrup.

My responsibility was doing the graphics, sketches and contributing on creating the concept.


Hydro rundt is a trivia game where you answer questions about Hydro, get cash bonuses for correct responses and visit destinations where Hydro is represented. You can travel by either plane, train or boat. Plane is fast, but expensive, train is average in either way, and the boat is cheap and slow. Can you balance your time and money and visit all 40 destinations?

Hydro Rundt

Behind the scenes

Hydro wanted the game to be visually inspired by Indiana Jones and Around the World in 80 Days. The target audience was the employees of Hydro, so we went for a mature and natural looking feel rather that a childish one. We photographed actors, scanned images of paper, books and other materials, and used photographs of planes, trains and other assets.

Since we gave the game a somewhat “oldish” look we decided to get antique plane, train and boat toys to photograph. Toys like these were difficult to come by, but we managed to find an antiques dealer who was willing to let us photograph his toys for a small sum.

One of the requirements for the game was that the players should be able to pick their character. We have photogenic friends, and Morten and Camilla took the challenge. We all went to Norsk Film’s Costume Warehouse, where you can find a costume for all occasions. The ladies who work there did a tremendous job helping us find the right outfits for our adventure.

The very talented photographer and designer Sigurd shot the photos. He altso made sure we had a studio for the day. Johanne the stylist brought her magic styling touch, and made the models look as if they had been traveling for years and were just dropping by on their way to Peru.

After the photo shoot we made graphics and wrote code. Kim helped us with the music – he is the master of music and sound effects!

Hydro Rundt


The game was made in Flash MX2004 Professional. Text, questions, answers and settings were put in XML files. The game was release in 3 languages so it was necessary. A simple MySQL database was used for the highscore list and PHP for database communication.

All in all a relatively simple solution.

Time frame

Two persons working full-time for 1 and a half month.